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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Since you're here, I'm gonna dig right in and tell you a little bit about myself. 

My name is Gabbi and I am a queer multidisciplinary performer, creator, and minstrel. If you find it interesting, I'm Greek, Portuguese, Newfoundlander, and Turkish, though I try not to make my cultures my entire personality - it's hard. Right now, my artistic practice includes devised creation, physical theatre, clown & bouffon, singin' & dancin' my heart out and most importantly PLAY. But it's ever changing so I'll keep you posted. I grew up in Saronida, Greece, where I ran wild, scabby-kneed, boundless abandon by the sea. It was more on the feral side than cute but it was free and me and I'm always trying to go back to that place of play. 

Creating theatre gives me great joy and I have a deep love for film, TV and voice over work. The truth is, I love collaborating with people in any capacity. One day I hope to open up a production company of my own, where I can help stories that need to be told come to fruition. 

I really dig the fish tacos from Gracias Señor Taqueria, the ocean, hiking, figs, goats, musicals, and dogs - they deserve the world and nothing less.

Please reach out, I'd love to work with you or even just chat over our beverages of choice. 

Many Thanks,

Gabbi ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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